SUMP Update in Valencia

What is this action about?

SUMPs are effective planning instruments that promote sustainability, encourange change of behavious and help protect the environment. SUMPs usually cover a city or a metropolitan area, while Valencia is focusing on the SMP (sustainable mobility plans) of its Port. The existing SUMP of the Port of Valencia was planned for the period 2012 – 2017, i.e. the objectives and purpose of the SUMP were planned to be achieved for 2017. As consequence, this strategy is now out-dated, therefore and such SUMP needs to be updated.

What are we doing there?

SUMPORT will support the development of the SMP of Valencia. Like the 2012-2017 SMP of the Port of Valencia, the new SUMP is also divided into six different strategic lines that comprised a set of programs and actions to be developed in each of them. The six strategic lines of the current SMP of the Port of Valencia are: 

  1. Management of the mobility generated by the port
  2. Promotion of pedestrians’ movements 
  3. Promotion of the bicycle mobility 
  4. Promotion of the public transport 
  5. Promotion of the rational use of the private vehicle 
  6. Mobility education and training for the port community 

The actions to be carried out in each of the programs of the six strategic lines were classified according to their relevance (i.e. high, medium and low). In total, there were identified 57 actions of which 16 were classified as highly relevant, 38 as medium and 3 as low relevant for the mobility.

Moreover, thanks to SUMPORT, different actions were supported. The SUMP of the Port will include a wayfinding strategy specifically designed to promote the sustainable and safe path of the cruise and ferry passengers in the Port of Valencia. The overall objective of the wayfinding strategy was to support a positive user experience for all pedestrian cruise passengers by providing simple and easy-to-understand wayfinding information at each stage of the journey. 

Moreover, the SUMP will continue the previous strategy of promoting the use of the bike for both commuting and for cruise and ferry passengers. Finally one of the intended goals is to increase the number of commuting passengers per car, decreasing the total number of private vehicles and improving the land use at the Port of Valencia.

Who will benefit from it?

The SUMP update mainly addresses port workers.

The project contemplates to contact the stakeholders via surveys to elaborate the new SUMP of the Port of Valencia in order to establish and update the targets and measures identified in previous SUMPs.

Partner responsible for development of the SUMP

Valenciaport Foundation & Port Authority of Valencia

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