Smart mobility in Koper

Objective of the pilot action 

Within the development of its SUMP, Municipality of Koper wants to develop a smartphone application for the suburban public transport service that should in long term increase the use of the public bus network and decrease the carbon emissions. 

What are we doing there?

Mobility is now perceived as the right of every individual and is a prerequisite for a better life. Therefore, the Municipality of Koper wants to place the citizens at the center of planning, and to provide them with a healthy and safe environment in which they will be pleasant to travel and live. It wants to encourage people to combine the use of transport modes that will lead to cleaner air and a higher quality of life.

The application developed will rely on data collected through a number of smart mobility devices, including:

  • LED displays for semi urban public passenger transport;
  • Bus tracking;
  • Bigger LED displays for car parking places in multimodal knots combined with info and air meters; 
  • Advanced IOT device for monitoring vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians;
  • Parking lot occupancy counters 3 pieces;
  • Sensors for counting traffic;
  • Traffic counters for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Sensors for traffic counting;
Who will benefit from it?

Citizens and stakeholders of Municipality of Koper

Partner responsible for this pilot action

Municipality of Koper

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Implementation time

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