Simulation of a maritime PT service

Objective of the simulation 

Our goal is to provide the visitors with an alternative way of transport which will connect the Limassol passenger Port with several points in the city. 

What are we doing there?

The urban complex of Limassol is developed as a relatively narrow strip along the coastal front and covers a distance of approximately 25 kilometers. Along the distance there are already several docks, waterfronts or other infrastructure that could somehow be used as “stops” for a sea bus or sea taxi type transport system. In this way, from the port there will be a connection with the central areas of the cities and the various sights, as well as with large hotel complexes, in areas outside Limassol's municipal boundaries. Besides, such a connection could also function as a “sea walk” that would present another image of the city, the one from the sea!

Who will benefit from it?

A target group which we aim to reach so the sea transport mean be used by, are the visitors arriving in the city on cruise ships and who would like an alternative way to visit the various important points of the city. Another target group is in general all the visitors and the inhabitants of Limassol, that will use the sea transport for leisure purposes and to be able to observe another different  image of the city through a sea ride along the coast 

Partner responsible for the simulation

Limassol Municipality 

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