Goals of the project

SUMPORT (Sustainable Urban Mobility in MED PORT cities) will increase the planning capacities on sustainable mobility of port cities through sharing of experiences, pilot actions and training activities. SUMPORT enables participating port cities to draft or update their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), as long-term strategy documents for the future development of the city that can effectively address transport issues.

SUMPORT tackles the issue of congestion and air pollution, aggravated by port-originated traffic, providing sustainable alternatives to individual car transport. 

The main goals of the project are the following: 

  • To improve planning capacities on sustainable mobility through training of public officials and exchange of experience among participating MED port cities;
  • To test or simulate pilot actions related to sustainable mobility in Valencia, Koper, Kotor, Durres, Limassol, Igoumenitsa;
  • To elaborate, update or harmonize SUMPs in some of the participating MED port cities
  • To develop the SUMPORT e-learning platform that will consolidate the experience accrued during the project’s lifetime, and put training materials and other useful tools and documents at the disposal of the wider community of practitioners of the MED area;
  • To share the SUMPORT experience and ensure its replication in other similar contexts through technical events, training activities and the e-learning platform.