Another brick in the wall, SUMPORT @ CIrClE 2019

We took part in CIrClE2019 “Challenges for the Islands in the era of the Circular Economy" & SMile2019 “6th Sustainable Mobility and Intelligent Transport conference”, successfully held between 28-29 March 2019, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Our representative Mr. Miltiadou from the University of Thessaloniki presented SUMPORT and two of our pilot actions (bike sharing in Valencia and smart mobility in Koper) at the CIrClE2019 Conference.

Here is a quote from his presentation on the importance of SUMPORT.

Our partnership is formed by cities that have different starting and standing point of planning and sustainable mobility measures implementation. Specifically, the 6 participating MED cities are developing, updating or harmonizing SUMPs and implementing or testing specific measures that have been included or are envisaged to be included in the already existing SUMPs or those under elaboration.

SUMPORT is another brick in the wall and we strongly believe that promotes the SUMPs principles implementation and their take-up in a wider geographical area, in cities and contexts with no experience and ease the job of cities with similar demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, mobility patterns, mentalities and behavior.